Ergoline starts the season with new professional sunbeds. No sooner has the year begun and Ergoline is once again showing the way. Under the slogan "Take off to Success", the world's leading manufacturer of professional sunbeds is heralding in the new season with the Evolution and Excellence series. Both professional sunbed lines are distinguished by forward- pointing design, and come with a whole host of innovations and features to make tanning an even more sensational experience:

The right balance

Balanced Tan technology makes the desire for a deep and even over-all tan come true. Using cutting-edge computer simulations, the UV geometry of the Evolution and Excellence series is perfectly tailored to the human body.
In particular, clients will notice the more even intensity from the facial tanners.

Finishing refreshed

The new Aqua Fresh and Aroma functions from Ergoline add a refreshingly new dimension to tanning enjoyment. Outlets in the head and body zone spray a finely atomised fragrance onto the skin. This is not only refreshing but also neutralises any post tanning UV odour: a true world first in the Ergoline range! The user has the option to select a feature with vitalising or relaxing aromas, making tanning a truly sensuous experience.

Great climate

Whether refreshingly cool or pleasantly warm: the Climatronic system on the Excellence models allows you to adjust the temperature range to suit your very own personal preference, in just the same way as you can in a luxury car. The automatic air conditioning system keeps the temperature shown on the LED display constant throughout the tanning session.

New world of sound

Vibra Sound now takes users of the Ergoline Excellence and Evolution models to a whole new realm of audio perfection. Used in sunbeds for the first time, the technology from audio specialists ELAC uses the acrylic surface of the shoulder tanner as a diaphragm for generating sound waves from vibration. Two bass speakers complement tonal quality. This gives the sunbed user a full and smooth sound experience, at the same time reducing noise levels in the salon.

Servicing with effortless ease

Infrared access by handheld makes light work of retrieving and setting service or operating parameters. Important sunbed data, such as the useful service life remaining for UV lamps to the length of time the effect lighting stays on for can be retrieved via the infrared interface on the sunbed without the need for cable links. This makes Ergoline sunbeds that bit easier to work with in a busy salon.

Ergoline Evolution Series

Unrivalled progress: the new Evolution sunbeds from Ergoline. Behind their breathtaking looks and fascinating lighting effects you will find optimum UV power for a particularly even tan.

Equipped with Super or Turbo Power lamps, the basic Ergoline Evolution 500 model offers progress at outstanding value for money. The stylish contrasts of the Tangerine Silver colour design make the Ergoline Evolution 500 a real attention-grabber in the salon. Featuring low-pressure lamps throughout and five output settings, the Ergoline Evolution 575 promises just the right tanning power for any user. The Wildberry Silver finish with dominantly fruity colours creates a truly refreshing look. Equipped with either Super or Turbo Power lamps, the top of the range Ergoline Evolution 600 in Double Wildberry or Watergreen Blue really whets the appetite for tanning.

Ergoline Excellence series

The Excellence series from Ergoline comes with a superb range of features, all as standard. It has everything you can expect from an absolutely first-class sunbed. A real eyecatcher are the Moving Lights, an oscillating play of colours that sets off any salon in a new light.

The basic Ergoline Excellence 700 model with Turbo Power lamps is the gateway to top quality. The colour design in Ultrablue Silver and new paint finish creates a look that really appeals. Including all features, the Ergoline Excellence 800 is setting new standards in the salon. With the design options Violet Moods, Fiery Red or the iridescent effects of Magic Colours, the Ergoline Excellence 800 offers the right sunbed for any salon ambience.

Featuring intelligent Electronic Power technology, the top of the range Ergoline Excellence 900 model delivers tanning performance that remains virtually constant at all stages of UV lamp life. This sunbed is also available in the three fascinating colour options of Violet Moods, Fiery Red and Magic Colours.

The new sunbeds are not only bound to impress the salon crew but also the "tanning passengers" that use them. Take off to Success. On a journey to new horizons.

If you would like further information or require detailed brochure material on the Ergoline Evolution or Excellence series, your Ergoline dealer will be pleased to help you. Or contact Ergoline direct at:

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